Friday, June 10, 2005

Art Festival in Tanjay

Some artists from Dumaguete were in San Viejo, Tanjay City last June 4-5, 2005 to celebrate an art festival hosted and sponsored by Cidni Mapa, a City councilor there. It was a very timely event as the day before was the Barangay fiesta in that place, then it was his birthday that Sunday and the Earth day celebration. He wanted to have a significant way of celebrating his birthday by inviting the Dumaguete artists to do art workshops with the barangay children and where artist can have a mural on the stone warehouse. The children did terracotta workshop and drawing done in the morning till afternoone of June 4 and basic acting workshop evening. About 40 children came and they were given a chance to have a creative interaction with their workshop facilitators. Sharon Dadang-Rafols and Susan Canoy were the main anchor facilitators. Ces Nuñez and I assisted Sharon and Susan. Ina Fajardo, a writer was also with us. About 8 performing artists (Jeutay, Gamay, Razcel, Mark, Frances and others I forgot) came late that evening and they played the indigenous musical intruments while Frances danced with the beats of the drums and flute till early dawn. We woke up early that Sunday and gave a tribute for the Earth by going to the river. While the instruments were played, Frances gave a tribute dance for the nature and candles were floated on the river using the coconut husk. For a mystical reason, it rained while we were doing the simple ritual. It was indeed a good way to celebrate Earth day!


Blogger gemma said...

k kengkoy man..hahahah wa kau ko ka storya.....hehehe try ra ni.kapoy man d i ni...daghan ta i pindot usa ka makaread.....

4:43 PM  
Blogger chon said...

kapoy ug read... next time na lang ha. sakit ako mata

4:45 PM  
Blogger crnr_kyck said...

im so glad that more people are now blogging about dumaguete.keep it up!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Cidni said...

thanks for featuring the event. let's all do our share for the arts and the environment. Godspeed!

9:08 AM  
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